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Click Here & Tune in for Season 1 ~ W@W! Sitcom


Jessie May West; A Southern Bell that has Southern Hospitality for everyone but please do not get on her bad side! She will Gut you like a Hog and Skin you like a Catfish!




Priscilla Serrano~Wellington; A Bourgeois Native New Yorker that has a stuck up attitude and thinks that she is better than everyone, especially Jessie May. Always having the best in life she feels that Jessie May is so Tacky!


Jessie May and Priscilla are co-workers that are always battling for promotions and attention from their boss, Mr. Langley. Little do they know that one hand washes the other and they need each other at the end of the day to survive in the company. WOMEN@WORK! Sitcom on MJTV NETWORK


Season 1 Cast:

Vannessa Stover as Jessie May West

Mimi Johnson as Priscilla Serrano Wellington

Garrett Strobl as Mr. Walter Langley

Tyra Atkins as Cloeesha Jackson

Nadine Bone as Sabrina Wilson

Created & Directed by: Mimi Johnson 

Written by: Mimi Johnson & Vannessa Stover

Executive Producers: Mimi Johnson & Vannessa Stover

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